Well in the tri-state area we are in the midst of a heat wave so we couldnt do much outside. But I thought it was a great day anyway!
  1. Swimming at family pool
    At first I thought this activity was going to be much much longer than it actually was!
  2. Diner
    The Diner was always my go to for lunch. But it was funny because there was like no parking anywhere. So I parked in a 1/2 hour zone hoping that the kids would either eat quick or I would fill the meter. But i didnt want to leave them in there. Very quick lunch!
  3. 7/11 Slurpees
    I was hoping both kids would love this but the youngest wasnt havin it. It was tough because of GF, but chocolate saved the day!!
  4. Back to home
    I told them no tv and no video games!! Three hours to go!!!
  5. Board Games
    Should be called Bored Games!! At least I beat them in Sorry
  6. Two Square
    Thank god my brother, who just re-finished the basement left room for this activity!!
  7. The childhood imagination takes over!!
    They are so adorable, smart and funny! They did their thing, acting out scenes from a bakery, or a faux charades! It was great just being silly!!! Maybe acting will be in their future....