Inspired by @ASH5, @mallofamanda , @Jed
  1. We were watching the NY Mets take game three of the NLCS...
  2. He says to me,"you know that guy is a homophobe right?"
  3. Yes, was my answer
  4. He also just hit another home run!
  5. He called it "A lifestyle Choice!"
  6. Can't I just root for my team without knowing who they vote for or what religion they are?
  7. The answer is no!!
  8. With so many kids around the world and in this country afraid to be honest with who they are, no we can not root for these assholes!
  9. Sorry Daniel Murphy, if there were a gay baseball player on your team , he would not be your friend! He would not love you like a brother because you think this is a choice!! You are an asshole!
  10. So yes root for the mets because they are AMAZIN! But just remember we are who we are! Be honest with each other!! And I bet you there are a lot of gay baseball players out there but they are scared to admit it!