1. David Wright Spinal Stenosis
  2. Bobby Ojeda Finger caught in lawn mower
  3. Need some help here from fellow Mets fans, im sure there are more!
  4. Vince Coleman?
    He shot fireworks into the stands and hit 3 kids including a two year old; thus ending his Mets career. Does that count?
    Suggested by @Jed
  5. Jeremy Blevins
    On his way to a rehab game, slips on a curb and reinjured his arm. Needs surgery again!! You can not make this shit up!!
  6. Michael Cuddyer
    Got hit on the knee cap. Ok nothing crazy right, he's a ball player. Used to it, it will bruise and he will take a game or two. Nope this met has been gone a month!! Not that we miss him but really a whole month!!