Just day dreaming and got excited about a couple things so I made a list!
  1. Getting maried!
    Of course after this summers' events it would be nice to be able to legally get married wherever we please!
  2. A vacation
    Maybe not to go anywhere specific but just more time off
  3. My birthday!
    Not till january but still fun!
  4. My neices all grown up
    They are growing fast, time flies! But they are so smart and full of personality I can not wait to see what amazing young women they grow up to be!
  5. The next mets game!!
    This season could hold a lot more excitement for our metsies!! Cross your fingers!
  6. All the construction to be done at my store!
    It will take years but could be really cool!!
  7. The hudson yards complex to be done
    Just walked the High Line and got to see close up the progress. Again it will take some time but the New York skyline is changing a lot and looks pretty cool from the west.