People have said that since my dad passing five years ago that I am so strong emotionally for being able to be there for others or just be...but there are some lessons that I have learned along the way that have helped me get here. Whereever here is
  1. Life is short
    Tell that person you love them every day. They may not be here tomorrow
  2. Hug
    A good hug can go a long way
  3. There are miracles
    The question always comes up, "Why did god let this happen?" "Where are his miracles that we learned in religious school?" You just have to open your eyes every day! Every sunset, every lesson learned, every time you wake up each day is a gift, use it wisely!! These are the miracles
  4. Jimmy Valvano
    Laugh, cry, and think! That was his advise during one of the greatest speeches I have ever heard. Laugh with your friends and family. Move yourself to tears with friends and family, and finally Think everyday! Imagine if we all did that every day of our lives. We would be strongest people ever!
  5. Give people second chances
    This one is from my dad. There are people in your life who deserve a second chance. Be forgiving, one day you might be that person!