If there can be women nude in a R rated film....
  1. Magic Mike
    Come on people!! Really
  2. Magic Mike XXL
    Again..I havent even seen yet but just assume the same as last movie
  3. Boogie Nights
    There is a small piece of "it" but you really have to be quick with the remote!!
  4. Ted
    Its hilarious! Why not a teddy bear frontal shot???
  5. There's got to be others worthy of this list. Please suggest!!
  6. All American Pie movies!
    They continue mentioning masturbation, why not show it!! Well maybe not in the act of but we are not children!!!
  7. Oh just remembered, any movie where the lead actor is literally on steriods! In real life! Like anything with The Rock, and the like!
  8. Any movie with Brad Pitt