1. Shitting and puking uncontrollably at the same time!
  2. You didnt sleep well and your whole body hurts but you have to go to work
  3. In the shower and try to pull yourself together, but you puke in the shower
  4. You have to be quiet cause your friends who visited from san diego dont have to be up at 7 am
  5. Your head is pounding
  6. Its so goddam hot and your sweating while sitting on the toilet. Usually if your friends were not there then you would open the door of bathroom to let the AC in but your shitting and feel that they should not have to suffer.
  7. Really! I have to go to work today?
  8. But you do cause your a rockstar and your gonna do it all over again tonight!
  9. Oh your making coffee and the kuerig is way too f'n loud
  10. Its now the third time your shitting this morning before you have to be at work...your praying to god to make it stop!
  11. Now at work, need to use bathroom for fourth shit this morning. The clean one that you usually use is locked your so fucking pist! So you go to a random, thinking to yourself that its too early for it to be dirty... Oh no it smells so bad cause theres three other dudes also taking nasty deuces!! Now your nausious again!