1. I wanna be a pirate
    Just finished Pirate Hunters, the new book by Robert Kurson. It was amazing, the divers had to do a lot of research to be able to find the lost ship. They found out everything they could of one of the most notorious pirates of all time.
  2. I want to be light house attendant
    After reading Light between Oceans, this would be so cool!! Very lonely but the guy still found love!
  3. I want to live underground
    Read Mole People!! Very enlightening!
  4. I want to write for a newspaper and follow a baseball team
    Read Boys of Summer, he follows the Brooklyn Dodgers of 1951. After the season is long done and years went by the author went back and hunted every member of the team to find out what happened to them after that year and after baseball!
  5. I want to be a vampire
    I have read many of the Ann Rice novels and countless others...This would be a dream come true!! 1)once turned instantaneous power, coolness, and sexyness. 2)its very homoerotic (what can i say i love men) 3)live for very long time, not immortal but its very hard to kill a powerfull vampire 4) most in the ann rice books are artists or scientists or linguists. So they are very educated