1. Why is my store open till 9?
  2. Why do i love tuna so much?
  3. When your making tuna, why is the leftover on the spoon or fork so delicious after your done mixing it?
  4. My boyfriend hates tuna
  5. Why dont more of my friends understand the power of the Listapp
  6. Where i would be without the Listapp
  7. In the summer no matter how hot it is...i'll have hot coffee before i leave the house but Iced coffee when i get to work
  8. When people think its ok to refill the soap dispenser with water. So you get a soapy watery mix, thats not really doing anything..
  9. Hotdogs! Why are they so goddamn delicious. Literally, would eat one for breakfast, lunch or dinner!
  10. Who the hell picks the music to be played in the store!
  11. Why are entemans original recipe cookies so amazingly delicious?