Its been a long time coming for this..
  1. Dad would have loved this team!
  2. Good for David Wright
    He's played the longest on one team of any active player. He doesn't take drugs, steroids, or beat up his wife and kids. He's the captain. He's been through hell and back, pardon the pun!
  3. Good for Terry Collins
    Manager of the year!! Taking a squad from the maydoff scandal to now and reaching the playoffs. Dealing with pre-madonnas and crazy ny media, this guy deserves this!!
  4. I love the mets
  5. Finally, citi field isnt cursed
    It is a gorgeous stadium. Clean and fun for all. My boyfriend and I have been many times and we love it! The ballpark has been here for six years but it will see its first playoff game this year!!
  6. No crying in baseball!!
    I feel great for Wilmer!! This kid had been put through the ringer! He was inches to being traded away from the only team hes ever known to this!! What an emotional roller coaster!! Well, the ride isnt over yet and he'll have the whole city behind him!!