In retail, you get all types of questions. You never know who'll be the one asking them
  1. Will this bag go on sale?
  2. Can I return this after years of use?
  3. Does it come in black?
  4. Does it have a shoulder strap?
  5. Can you tell me if the store down the street has this bag? And is it on sale there?
  6. Can you hold this for me?
  7. Is it cheaper in my country?
  8. Can you split this between five different credit cards and cash so my husband does not know?
  9. I bought this a year ago and never wore it, its been hiding in the trunk of my car, can I return now?
  10. I bought this for my dog, to carry her around in and she was not comfortable! Can I return this now?
  11. Can you tell me if my bag is fake?