I never read the paper anymore. So busy with work and life that it just never gets put on front burner
  1. The crazy issue with NJ transit
    The loveable govenor from nj stopped the project that would build another much needed commuter tunnel between nj and ny. Now there are more so many things going wrong in existing tunnels that trains are delayed and suspended constantly. With another hike in commuter fares coming people are just outraged.
  2. They found a manuscript that could have been written by a disciple of Muhammed from 630ish AD. Could have been from original Quaran
    Although the naysayers say that you can test the paper and find this out true... But archealogists say that it was common for people to use the same paper over and over so you never really know
  3. The Hudson Yard project
    In addition to malls and residential space with four huge towers they are also building a garden. All of this is on top of existing railways for LIRR and MTA. So they have these huge fans that cool the cement under the new garden and something like the stuff ice rinks use as well so that stuff can grow and not be 500 degrees.
  4. Another police issue with an african american woman in texas
    This is horrible case where this woman may have commited suicide. In texas, she was moving from illinoise and starting her life over. Pulled over for not using a blinker. It escalated because the cop was probably racist and arrested her. The cop had been suspended for allegations of racism before this as well.