Its been awhile...
  1. We have outstanding pitching!
    Forget about Degrom, Harvey, Synd, but when one of them struggles like degrom did at the beginning of the game last night--they were able to shut the nats down the rest of the game!
  2. They have outstanding pitching!!
    The mets offense probably just needs about four runs a game. Thats it! Could you imagine only four runs while these kids are on the mound and we would probably win a lot!!
  3. We have outstanding pitching!!
    Three guys at home, their ERA is under 3.0 for each of their careers is just other worldly!!
  4. Then add a sprinkle of three new guys!
  5. The home grown talent!
  6. Lets get some injured guys back
    Blevins will be pitching soon, Da'neau (sorry travis how to spell your last name) back and david wright is playing re-hab games... Could be a special september
  7. They're SIMPLY AMAZIN!!
    All the injuries, stupid steroid guy, a trade that didnt happen and crying in baseball--and look where we are. A game out of first!!!
  8. D-U-D-A!!!
    Eight home runs in eight at-bats! After the slump he had been in, thats AMAZIN!!! First time since 2008 in mlb