My Past Halloween Costumes

Chronological order starting with kindergarten. I'm missing some - I need to consult photo albums at my parents' house. This list will be so much better when I get a hold of my childhood costume pics!
  1. Lil witch
    Can't remember if this was my kindergarten or first grade costume.
  2. Clown
    My husband's worst nightmare.
  3. Peter Pan /Robin Hood
    I'm unclear on which it was exactly. The hats are so similar.
  4. Tiger
    We have pics of me hanging from a tree limb.
  5. Ghost
  6. Scarlett O'Hara
    This was 6th grade for sure
  7. Mafia hit man
    That was a weird year. My sister was a caterpillar with six arms. We were quite a pair.
  8. Butterfly
    We are now into the grown up years - 2000
  9. Giant pumpkin
  10. Martha Stewart in Jail
    I'm so sorry Martha. 2002
  11. JLo half of Bennifer
  12. Deb from Napoleon Dynamite
  13. Princess Leia
  14. Hell's Kitchen Chef
  15. Mad scientist
  16. Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd
    Aaron was Sweeney Todd and we served chicken pot pies at our party. Heh heh. 2010
  17. Zombified American Gothic Farmer Wife
  18. Day of the Dead character