Don't be elitist- it's nirvana in the break room!
  1. Cheesy potatoes
    Not scalloped. These are crafted from frozen hash browns, sour cream, cream-of-something soup and cheese.
  2. Broccoli salad
    With the raisins and sunflower seeds.
  3. Shredded meat of some kind
    For sandwiches. Pulled pork or shredded chicken. Alternatively....
  4. Grilled weenies
    Blackened and caramelized. Yum.
  5. A layered salad or dip
    As in 7- or taco-. I recently had a taco-esque layer salad with a Jiffy cornbread base. Fantastic.
  6. Cherry Delight
    Pie filling, cool whip & cream cheese in a graham cracker crust.
  7. Bill's wife's apple pie
    Every molecule absolute perfection.
  8. Sweet potato casserole
    Dessert disguised as a vegetable.