Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. January
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    Happy New Year! Fun times.
  2. February
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    My fab DH took me to NOLA for my 50th birthday. We had a great time. In lieu of a birthday cake I had another delish martini.
  3. March
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    Despite having corned beef and cabbage every St. Pat's Day growing up, this was the first one I cooked looks gross in this pic but was really good.
  4. April
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    We celebrated our anniversary early with a cruise. So. Much. Fun! This is George and I driving around Grand Turk.
  5. May
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    My bestie married his bestie. And my son was in the wedding. One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended.
  6. June
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    For the past 20 years I have spent some of June at the Jersey Shore. My happy place. My two friends joined me for a long weekend. We had fun! Seafood festival, Boardwalk, outlet shopping.
  7. July
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    Another fantastic trip. Grand Canyon. So beautiful. Then we drove to the Hoover Dam and Vegas. Hot!!
  8. August
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    My friends and I protesting the fact that school was starting. I will never get used to going back in August. This was also the night of the Fireball incidents. So now we don't have Fireball anymore. 😝
  9. September
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    Went with some friends to one of those paint while you drink places. Kind of fun.
  10. October
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    Went to NYC to find a MOB dress for my friend. Took a few moments to walk the Highline with her daughter. So beautiful in the middle of NYC.
  11. November
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    I like to watch college football on tv. But I joined my DH at this game and got to see the changing of the mascot. Uga IX, Russ retired and his grandson, Que got the collar and became Uga X.
  12. December
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    Celebrated my 25th anniversary. Great end to a fun year.