Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. This is a long story.
    We almost met a bunch of times before we actually met.
  2. UGA Athens, GA. 1985
    I had a fabulous time in college while an undergrad. So much fun that I needed to take a class that I could get an A in so that I could stay and continue my revelry. Typing it was.
  3. Met a new friend.
    Our mutual love of sarcasm and dislike of the teacher bonded us. Stacey and I became fast friends. Hanging out, drinking, doing the college thing.
  4. Detour.
    I was miserable. Now I know why but back then I was all about changing my surroundings to try and be happy. Off to Columbia, SC I ran. Enrolled at U of South Carolina.
  5. Stacey and I turn 21
    The party was at her friend George's house. Could I come back to Athens for the weekend? A party? A band is playing? Sure!! Just let me sell my plasma for gas and beer money.
  6. Epic party
    George's house was cool. The Strawberry Flats - a Led Zeppelin cover band played. And I met the nice guy hosting the party. Oh him? The one who is getting a lap dance? It was his birthday too. Huh. And back to class in Columbia I went.
  7. Later that week....
    Stacey called. George is interested. Stacey is dating his best friend. Wanna go camping?
  8. So our 1st date
    Was camping. I have to say, I was wooed. He cooked me steak (later I found out he took them out of his mom's freezer). We had drinks. We laughed.
  9. On 12/29 we will be married 25 years
    So because I took typing in college and made a friend I ended up with the man of my dreams. Huh...