Inspired by @ListPrompts
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    A fish
    My sister got a kitten. My fish jumped out of the tank and died
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    Family pet- Kitty
    Original name. 😬I remember trimming her whiskers. Not cool.
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    BC was the greatest cat! Long hair and we think part coon cat. He had the widest head and the best purr.
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    My first dog
    My bf had a collie. Nicholas was an animated throw rug but he was a loyal dog. I got a dog too. Argos. A black labish mutt. I knew nothing about being a dog owner.
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    Because I knew so little about dogs, I didn't know they would climb a 5 foot fence to get at Argos when she was in heat. So, we kept one of her puppies. Reggie had a lot of enthusiasm but not much smarts.
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    My first cat as an adult. His mom is feral so he is a bit standoffish and likes to be outside.
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    Such a sweet old girl. She is 14 this month.
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    The newest member of our family.