1. Adult coloring book? There no way I have enough flesh-toned colored pencils for all those bodies.
  2. Oh, it's not pornographic. They call it that because it's designed for adults, instead of children. The back cover says the lack of rules and guidelines will set me free. Awesome! I need to break some barriers this year.
  3. Now, to choose some tools. Colored pencils or markers? A box of fancy colored pencils is $22??? Even with my Michaels coupon, that's a bit much.
  4. These Crayola markers will be fine. It says there are 50 but some of the shades look remarkably similar.
  5. Fine tip? I think not. It's impossible to color in the lines! It looks like this was done by a preschooler! I should have known I'd be terrible.
  6. Boy it sure doesn't take long to go through all 50 colors.
  7. And I've hardly done any of the page!
  8. Okay, maybe I'm overthinking this. Just relax! Feel the color. Enjoy the experience.
  9. The markers are smudging. Why am I always so cheap? I should have gotten the colored pencils. They're an investment in my mental health, after all.
  10. Breathe in. Breathe out. Focus on the pattern.
  11. Why didn't my kids ever want to color when they were young? Probably because I let them watch too much tv. I can't help it! There's something mesmerizing about the screen.
  12. Speaking of the screen, it's a rainy Saturday. There's got to be a Sex and the City marathon on. I'll just check it out and come back to the coloring later.
  13. Later...