It's really only 1! But surprise part time job for fun!
  1. My own cultural resources firm
    Just doing the architectural history I want to do. Being the boss. Passing off the boring stuff. Getting someone else to tie the pieces together.
  2. Historic house restorations
    Constructive work all day. Great media to work with. Unexpected problems with clear solutions. Bringing a house back to life. Showing modern life fits in old spaces.
  3. Architectural Historian
    Oh wait that's what I already am. But the 2 above are what I want to do as an AH if money was suddenly no object.
  4. Real estate agent
    Most realtors are terrible. Your whole job is to know about houses and market conditions! How do so many of you not know anything? How have you not gained an idea of what goes wrong in home inspections and the costs associated? 15% of your job is dealing with the results of home inspections and assessing their value. Shouldn't you be able to spot those things on your own by now? Know if the neighborhood is doing well or not? I would love matching people with their houses. I'd also be overbearing
  5. Part time car sales
    Honestly it just drives me nuts how little car salesmen know about their products. It's truly awful and while I would hate having to make deals to make a living I would love trying to match people with their right car with all the information they actually need and not some bullshit about cargo space and cup holders.