When I have to engage in these or am in close proximity of these topics I feel unpleasant
  1. Weather
    Simplistic I get it. But if we are experiencing the same weather we both fully well know what it is like.
  2. Horoscopes / other fantasies
    Opposed to fantasy creatures those are cool
  3. First year pre med students talking about what specialty and residency they are planning to attend
  4. Anything where in the middle you hear [pause] Society man....
  5. Non professionals acting professionals
    If I stand on your back hear and you lean this way along with telling me your medical history I can cure your Ebola... I swear I've done it a hundred times
  6. Common foods you have not eaten
    I've NEVER had ketchup in my life or apple sauce or whatever it may be.. As amazing as that is I want nothing more than to shove that food in your mouth so you can never talk about it again