And oh they are infinite...
  1. People who ask too many questions
  2. Things out of place (everything has its own place!!)
  3. Wet towels left on the bed, floor, surface where they do not belong (thanks Grammy)
  4. Dogs underfoot
  5. People who cough or sniffle incessantly
  6. People constantly looking at their phones
  7. Gum chewing
  8. Litter
  9. Smoking. For Christ sake it's 2015.
  10. Vaping. 1000 times worse than smoking.
  11. People who talk during movies. Especially if I'm with those people.
  12. Beds with only one pillow
  13. When people don't use their turn signals
  14. Dragging dogs on a walk because they walk in every direction except the one I want to go
  15. Wasting food
  16. Wasting time
  17. Clutter!