We typically do Thanksgiving twice - once with my side of the family (on the actual day) and once with my husband's side (the following Saturday). I like it. Here's why.
  1. Double the pie.
    Or, this year, triple, on account of the fact that my maple-syrup-based pecan pie turned out so well the first time, I made one with pecans (for Thanksgiving #2) and one (for us to horde at home) with walnuts.
  2. Double the family photos.
    My, but it's easier to take family photos when no one in them is a child...
  3. Double the opportunities to do silly things with said family photos.
  4. One Thanksgiving with football and another with White Christmas.
    At least that's how it works for us.
  5. All that quality time in the car traveling with my partner in crime.
    Obviously, this is not us in the car.
  6. Fun making memories with both sides of the family - I love 'em all.