female friendships are sacred bonds and we should lift each other up to be our strongest most wonderful selves 💗 this is just some shit I've seen around and I think we're better than it
  1. Insisting that someone else eat this food so you dont finish it all yourself
    The implication is that you're fat? And have literally zero self control? Nope stop it
  2. Generally pressuring people into eating things or eating because you feel pressured to
    Just because someone brought cookies doesn't mean you have to eat a cookie to be polite! Do what feels right for you and respect other people's diet decisions
  3. Being unable to accept a sincere compliment
    Thank you thank you thank you
  4. Saying horrible things about a girl that your friend's ex is now dating
    Hearing that you're prettier than this other girl doesn't actually help you manage lingering feelings of grief over a dead relationship fyi, it just promotes a gross culture of women comparing themselves in a contest to be attractive to men