Episodes of Drunk History I Could Narrate

ty to @k8mcgarry for this list inspiration
  1. The Iran Contra Scandal
    This blows my freaking mind every time I think about it. I implore you to read some of Oliver North's testimony in joint committee hearings because it is WILD. He refuses to admit any wrongdoing and even compares himself to Jesus.
  2. The Abscam Scandal
    My former boss was in the middle of this mess, inspiring me to learn literally everything about it, basically just to mentally fact check her.
  3. Mary, Queen of Scots
    My friend made me start watching the crap CW show Reign, which I promptly quit, but the wildly historically inaccurate plot made me do a deep dive into the REAL history of Mary, Queen of Scots and it is a doozy.
  4. Hugo Chávez
    This crazy, fascinating, lumpy man is the reason I was so rushed to finish my senior thesis on populism in Latin America. He is such a compelling subject that I put off writing just to read more about him.
  5. The life of Neal Cassady, from On the Road to the Merry Pranksters
    I went through a heavy Beat Generation phase (who didn't) and read lots of books about Kerouac and crew. I know a lot about Kerouac but more about his lively buddy Neal Cassady bc honestly he is more interesting.