In no particular order except that 'get a job' should probably be first
  1. Pluck up the courage to finally play an open mic night
    ~punny~ because I play guitar
  2. Start running again
  3. Get a job, preferably a good one, preferably one I like
  4. Go to an event with my college alumni group and try to enjoy it
  5. Make it back to Austin to visit friends
  6. Move out of my parents' house
  7. Alternatively, not move out, but save enough money that I could move out quickly if I randomly snap and can't take living at home anymore
  8. Give the drums another go and hope my parents don't kick me out
    a non issue if I accomplish #6
  9. Network like someone who doesn't hate networking
  10. Stop mixing alcohol and energy drinks like a trash person
  11. Find out if I actually want to go to law school or just think I want to go to law school
  12. Keep in touch with my international friends
  13. Keep in touch with my domestic friends
  14. Go camping for the first time
  15. If that goes well, maybe go camping again
    It's unlikely that sleeping outdoors is my thing but I could be wrong
  16. Thoroughly clean my room, because I really don't need my whole middle school wardrobe and short stories I wrote when I was 10
  17. Finally finish this John Strausbaugh book, "The Village: 400 Years of Beats and Bohemians, Radicals and Rogues, a History of Greenwich Village," that I started last Christmas
  18. Or get through literally any of the hundreds of books I buy, start reading, and never finish
  19. Phase instant noodles out of my diet
    or maybe just cut back
  20. Learn how to do something with my hair beyond letting it air dry
  21. Figure out when I can cash in the savings bond I won in the 8th grade science fair
    Pls don't be a 30 year bond that would be so mean
  22. Cook my mom dinner using the cookbook she wrote for me
  23. Try to love myself every day