1. Soups
    Add shredded cheese and hot sauce
  2. Jokes
    If I heard it from a standup comedian: get really excited to tell it, tell it horribly, then insist my victim watch the clip on YouTube because omg it's hilarious just wait while it buffers ok here it is
  3. Outfits
    Mostly black and often wrinkly because I meant to iron it but then I was late
  4. Apartment decor
    Cool and muted, some pops of color. Very down with things that don't match but do "go." Travelers make good decorators, and the more I've traveled the more my style reflects it.
  5. Awkward moments
    I'm good at relieving tension with jokes and even better at relieving tension just by being my dangerously clumsy self. Nothing helps a group of loosely associated people bond better than laughing at me spilling my drink or falling off the bleachers, and I'm always ok with that.
  6. Karaoke
    Unrivaled intensity and 4 tequila sunrises