My infinite thanks to the brilliant goofballs who raised me
  1. Soup
    I have multiple wonderful memories associated with soup. Beef & broccoli capped a great day with my dad in DC at 8, and chicken broth soothed my sore stomach in Querétaro, México at 21. The most important thing about soup is that my mom is a master of it. The woman can make a dozen kinds of soup barely glancing at a recipe, and each is special and comforting. My favorites are her salmon chowder, chicken & wild rice, vegetable lentil and tomato basil.
  2. Art museums
    One of my favorite memories with my father is taking a day off school in first grade to drive the 4.5 hrs from VA to NYC to see a magnificent exhibit of ancient Egyptian art and artifacts. I was young enough to get a little bored at some points, but old enough to appreciate what he was doing for me. We ate Manhattan clam chowder for lunch and then he bought me art supplies at a local shop. I'll never forget how wide eyed I was that day and I feel that warmth and wonder every time I go see art.
  3. Dogs
    Wow do we love dogs. My dad's dream retirement plan is honestly to buy a house on a huge lot on the water and get what he calls a "dog army." This is our wonderful little sass monster, Linus. He's 6 and he's our second English Springer Spaniel. He loves to swim in the creek.He's also the light of my life and a great pupper.
  4. Theater
    My parents instilled in me a love of the arts that started pretty much the day I was born. Tonight as I watch the 2016 Tony awards I feel so privileged to think of some of the great productions I saw with them. From complex Shakespeare (The Tempest, Twelfth Night) to musicals that left me awestruck (Wicked, Hairspray, 110 in the Shade), I owe my brief community theater career and lifelong passion for creative expression to my cultured, curious mother and father who took me out to the theater.
  5. Walking as a form of transportation
    My family is a family that walks, whether it's because we just want to or because we don't remember where we parked the car. From Ocean City and Austin to London and Honolulu, I have complained about being tired in more cities than I can count. But to walk a city is to learn it, and to be self-sufficient! I'm forever grateful that I was raised to love walking.
  6. Rock & Roll
    My dad introduced me to Eric Clapton, The Who, Pink Floyd and Queen and my mom showed me Steely Dan, Simon & Garfunkel and Bruce Springsteen. They let me be as I danced in the living room to The Monkees and Beach Boys, and cheered me on when I started playing guitar and was terrible. My first concert was Velvet Revolver! We watch documentaries about Motown girl groups and bands on the road, read books about our favorite rock stars and always tell each other when we find new music we love.