1. "Oh what a beautiful mornin" from Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin', Oklahoma! (1955)
    A no-brainier for beautiful mornings. Really sums it all up.
  2. "Notice me, Horton" from Notice Me, Horton, Seussical (the Musical) (2000)
    For when that barista who you thought maybe flirted with you one time seems to have lost interest and you need to make a move.
  3. "I love you Baltimore, every day's like an open door, every night is a fantasy, every sound's like a symphony" from Good Morning Baltimore, Hairspray (2007)
    Good for days when you're loving life, way better for days when life is shit and you want to be sarcastic about it. (Note: if you're actually in Baltimore, it has to be sarcastic)
  4. "Dance: ten, looks: three, and I'm still on unemployment" from Dance: Ten, Looks: Three, A Chorus Line (1985)
    When mom asks how you're doing and you gotta be honest. Also, every line of this song is gold #titsandass
  5. "When you're good to Mama, Mama's good to you" from When You're Good to Mama, Chicago (1975)
    Fun to throw out on tinder after a few 🍸
  6. "We're not gonna pay rent" from Rent, Rent (2005)
    Just kidding. This will never apply to real life. Yeah gentrification sucks but you can't just not pay your rent??