Or, 3 great movies I would encourage teenagers to watch
  1. When Harry Met Sally
    As a girl who's never had much luck with boys, this movie is important to me. I identify strongly with Sally: she's ambitious, particular and does not apologize for being herself. Her "true love" is built on friendship. He's not found in a meet cute, nor does he propose after their third date. Instead, their romance works the way real romances do. It takes (spoiler) 12 years for them to get together, with ups and downs along the way. You can be YOU and still find love—just don't rush it.
  2. Dazed and Confused
    As a teen I learned SO MANY valuable lessons from this film. I learned that high school seems important while you're there, but everyone is feeling just as let down as you are; everyone wants it to be this magical experience that it just can't be. I learned how dumb I sound when I'm cynical and pretend to know everything, like the nerds. I learned to chill out and have fun. Most importantly, I learned that the older guy hanging around the high school girls isn't cool—he's creepy. Avoid him.
  3. O Brother Where Art Thou
    I love this film. It's hilarious, features peak George Clooney and has a fantastic soundtrack. But also, great lessons! 1) Go on adventures! Believe in the power of your ideas and don't let an obstacle become a dead end. Prize creativity and courage. 2) Adventure the responsible way. Do not blindly follow a faulty leader. Do not assume you will not have to accept the consequences of your actions. 3) Be a good friend and recognize when others are being good friends. 4) Avoid the KKK