He's only been here for four hours guys, and we've got three days to go. Stay tuned for updates.
  1. On me having accommodations for absences:
    "Your professor gave you full points for participation even though you were absent a lot? Why? Does he think you're retarded? You know, you're not retarded."
  2. On half the third floor of the library being dedicated to East Asian studies:
    "I had no idea you had that many kids here who spoke Chinese." Me: "we have a lot of international students, from lots of countries." Dad: "Yeah I know but I just can't get over how much Chinese stuff is here. Chinese and Korean. Wow. I had no idea there were so many Asians here."
  3. On the menu at a great Mexican restaurant:
    "What are "no-pales"??" Waitress: "That's cactus." Dad: "Haha! Yikes. Not a chance. I'll have the soup."