Wear your contacts, kids.
  1. Last week when my friend Tony was picking me up for brunch: I knew he had a silver sedan, but there are lots of silver sedans in the world. Opened the door to the Civic in front of my building and an elderly Indian man in the driver's seat shouted "what??" So I said "whoops" and shut the door and scurried away.
    Turns out Tony drives a Hyundai.
  2. In middle school when my friend's mom was driving carpool home from youth group: I opened the sliding door to the gold minivan across the street from the church, got in, and began to buckle my seatbelt before noticing that this was NOT my friend's mom's minivan. The family inside said nothing. I said nothing.
    I got out to see that several of my friends had seen this all go down and were now laughing and pointing at me. Still a painful memory.
  3. Last summer when my friend's mom was picking me up from the metro station because it was raining: I vaguely knew what car to look for and didn't totally remember what she looked like. Some lady honked and waved in my direction so I ran through the rain and got in. Her: "do I know you?" Me: "uhhhh..no" Her: "I'm not your uber" Me: "I uh...my bad"
    At that moment the friend this woman had ACTUALLY been waving to arrived at the car. One of the most awkward moments of my life to date was getting out of this stranger's car so her actual friend could get in. I ran back to shelter.