Would I? You Bet I Would

Aka a list of men who were hot 20 years ago and are still super fine today.
  1. Russell Crowe
    Hot in Proof, still hot in The Nice Guys
  2. Rob Lowe
    Too hot for words in The Outsiders, still too hot for words in The Grinder
  3. James Spader
    Hot in Pretty in Pink, still hot in The Office
  4. Kevin Spacey
    Hot in Glengarry Glen Ross, still hot in House of Cards
  5. Benicio del Toro
    Hot as hell in License to Kill, still hot in A Perfect Day
  6. Bradley Whitford
    Hot in the West Wing, still hot in All The Way
  7. Iain Glen
    Hot in Tomb Raider, still hot in Game of Thrones