Linda Belcher quotes I wouldn't mind being my last words - NOW TAKING SUGGESTIONS

She is a spirit animal of mine.
  1. I love showers and mornings and Bologna and turtles and wine!
  2. Crazy how kids can fall asleep sober like that!
  3. Well, there wasn't a raccoon king in our alley until I went out there and picked my favorite one!
  4. Are you drunk enough to be any fun yet?
  5. "I was gonna punch you but I'm holding wine!" - @che
  6. When I die I want you to cremate me and throw my ashes into Tom Sellek's face
  7. Wine helps me drink
  8. I'm gonna sleep like a baby... a horny baby.
  9. "You're a hurtful slut, Bob" - @emmlag
  10. No matter what I say, stop me when I've had sixteen!
  11. I thought it was like that time you said you flushed but I know you didn't
  12. "Only strippers shave above the knee!" - @sshemchuk
  13. I'll have a crap attack any time I want!
  14. No boys, no partying, no summoning spirits or switching bodies, and no filling the house with soap bubbles.
  15. Psychics didn't predict Rome in a day!
  16. "It's rated 'R' for 'really boozy', starring me!" - @emmlag