I'm beginning to get into meal prepping and as an advocate for all things breakfast, my favorite meal is where I'm going to start...
  1. First off...
    I created a two week template and basic short hand to plan out my 14 days until pay day. It's my first round at grocery shopping on a big girl budget and am only shopping one a pay and not once a month. Baby steps to big baller moves. Also, yes, those are mini pics of Ilana Glazer and Khloe Kardashian giving me life advice. The kweens rock every page of the calendar. This is also the first of many calendar templates that I will probably use until I find the perfect one for me.
  2. My No Good, Very Bad Day
    Okay, it wasn't that bad... but I will admit how tiring it was. I do feel very blessed that I'm now in a place where I can fill up an entire cart. Never have I ever! I went in with my list and conquered what I'd been trying to perfect for a week. Again, it's my first round about so once the farmers market kicks into full swing I will be buying cheaper produce there. Also, gas perks for that 30 minute commute.
  3. My Studio Apartment
    There is no counter space. Like, at all. I felt like I was searching for a needle in a hay stack when I started the breakfast adventure.
  4. Have you seen anything so beautiful?
    14 breakfast burritos. One for me and my bf a day. I start my morning earlier and love that all I have to do is throw one in the microwave and off I go. This is my first part of the prep. Cooking 14 pieces of bacon and some potato cubes. I cracked 28 eggs for 14 burritos and threw in peppers, onions, and tomatoes. My burritos have avocado and his has cheese. (I may have a few cheese sprinkles in mine, too!)
  5. Still so beautiful.
    I cooked the most eggs I've ever cooked before and cut up some amazingness.
  6. Layer
    Salsa and Cheese, please!
  7. Wrap.
    My burritos got much better after the first few...
  8. And... Voila!
    Breakfast for two for a week! Next week will be breakfast sandwiches.
  9. Halp!
    I'm just a baby at this, so any advice is wanted and welcomed!!