Meal Prep: Protein Pancakes Edition

This was breakfast recipe #3 for week 3 of meal prep, and boy oh boy did I go all out. These puppies are protein packed and boyfriend approved. I'd suggest making a meal out of them once before you make 24 servings (for 2!) so you can adjust taste. Peep the deets and as always - suggestions are always welcomed!
  1. Here's the ingredient list. Please ignore the smudges and stains, as I cooked 24 servings of pancakes with my little leather book last night.
    I used silk yogurt so they are dairy-free. I'm afraid my iffy complexion is due to the amount of dairy I eat (see: 5 coffees with cream a day). Just double the recipe for two people!
  2. Pulse flax seed down to a powder.
  3. Mix. With a spatula!
  4. Pour and cook! The trick to perfect pancakes is waiting until you see bubbles in the middle of the cake batter to flip. Also greeting the pan between pancakes!
    I used coconut oil to grease the pan. And used the left over oil as a hair treatment. You know, because it's gods gift.
  5. Voila! Protein pancakes!