My "Frequently Used" Emojis, explained

Okay so it's a real eclectic group of pictures that I feel need explained...
  1. This is what I see every time I open the emoji keyboard, which is honestly too much.
  2. 💜, 💚, & ❤️
    Why? Why so many hearts? Why in these colors? Red is pretty obvious. My love for all things green and purple include nature, money, ect.
  3. 🐝, 🐶, & 🐧
    I'm a card carrying member of the beehive. I love my dog. And LETS GO PENGUINS. (See: Stanley Cup Champions)
  4. 🌞
    My personal favorite. I'M A BRIGHT AND SHINY SUN GOD DAMNIT.
  5. ☄💠
    I love love love astrology and star gazing. "Star gazing" is more like looking up every time I go outside at night and using my Star Chart app to find the planets and constellations. Also, constantly reminding my friends they are beautiful little stars.
  6. 🇺🇸🍻
    I'm American. Grossly. American. (I see all the faults but love American politics and government and alcohol)
  7. 😿😮😞
    A bff (1 of 2) accidentally killed a kitten this week and it's tragic and I've used these a lot this week
  8. 😊😉😂
    I like to send these almost annoyingly too much because how else would anyone know they make me smile?
  9. 👑🍋👏🏼
    I've listened to a lot of Lemonade...