My Myers-Briggs explained

Classic INTJ
  1. Introvert
    I'm right on the line of introverted and extroverted. I'm not really shy or quite all the time, but to be out and socialize is just draining. I have to reenergize alone, usually in my car with music or podcasts, when I've been with people.
  2. Intuitive
    I always following my gut feeling all of the time. I am also grossly into the phases of the moon and it's connection to women's bodies. But like embarrassingly so. It not something I'll openly admit.
  3. Thinking
    This gif accurately describes my feels. I never considered myself to be super smart, I just am always thinking. It's equal part anxiety, living situations, and having a teacher as a mother. I'm paranoid. I've never really lived alone. There's always a better answer.
  4. Judging
    I like to think that my personal judgements don't cloud the "facts" but I like to admit my own biases so I can have a clearer time moving forward. (I may only be making sense to myself)