My podcast list as of 6/6/16

Taking suggestions!
  1. NPR Politics Podcast
    Classic weekly updates and shorter programs as needed.
  2. Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates
    Oxford style debates on a wide variety of topics that will give new perspectives on both sides. The audience polls at the beginning and end of the show determines the winner based on the difference in percentages.
  3. NPR Hourly Update
    It's the same thing from the top of the hour updates on air. Where I live and where I work offers different NPR stations so this way I can get the updates even if I'm driving back and forth. I work in government affairs so please don't judge all these NPR podcasts...
  4. The New Yorker: Politics and More
    Another nuanced politics show that won't yell at you about your opinion
  5. Keepin it 1600
    It's uncensored and I like that
  6. POLITICO's Nerdcast
    I'm nerdy and I know it.
  7. Radiolab presents: More Perfect
    The focus: SCOTUS
  8. Two Dope Queens
    Not political, is awesome.