1. Rose Byrne
    Um duh? Also - Neighbors 2 and the *mostly* positive steps of female comedy.
  2. Intersectional Feminism
    Because my story as a white female is only a small part of the greater story. That my $.76 is a further step to equality than the woman of color's $.64 and the native woman's wages even less. I want to listen, learn, and grow with my sisters from all corners of the world.
  3. Sleep
    I haven't gotten enough of it but It's been on my mind. You know that sleep deprivation can increase your chance of a heart attack by over 20%?!
  4. Nyle DiMarco
    I do, sir. I do want to be on top. This man won ANTM and DWTS and he's deaf and I've never been more inspired.
  5. Toledo, Ohio
    I started my new job in a pretty neat place.