What I'm into this week

  1. Row Machines
    This insane full body workout makes me so happy inside. I get super self conscious about cardio exercises and looking like a baby gorilla. It's lit.
  2. Black Lives Matter Advocacy
    I'm looking for volunteer work in this area. I've been standing by long enough and it's time to act!
  3. Panera
    It's become my go-to business meeting place and it's only because I like their tea. 🤐
  4. My new planner!
    To schedule all my panera meetings
  5. Planet Fitness
    I got a gym membership and am moi pumped (pun intended)
    Yaaaas! This morning was a HUGE win for pro-choice advocates everywhere. Yas yas yas, Gina!
  7. The Office
    After season 4 of OITNB, I needed to restart a v. classic show to recenter my chi. Duh?