Instead of randomly shopping, I'm just gonna start pulling up old photo spreads and working backward from those.
  1. Alice Glass from ex-Crystal Castles
    OG hairspiration and sheer black tights evangelist. Optional: bottle of Jack.
  2. Grimes
    NG (not a thing but whatever) hairspiration, especially since a lot of it's DIY??? Also, because she folds a lot of kawaii shit into her daily living and such.
  3. Björk
    Been listening to a lot of "Vespertine" lately, and in general, she knows a lot about costuming oneself when you're small and not "traditionally" gawgeous or whatever.
  4. M.I.A.
    Proving that overt cultural inspiration/lifting can and should be political and inspired, not just a ploy for random ***aesthetics*** and such.
  5. Noodle from Gorillaz
    Tank Girl with mad guitar skills, aka Damn, you're cooler than Tank Girl so obviously you're legit. Jamie Hewlett is the best.
  6. Envy Adams from The Clash at Demonhead
    Yeah she's kinda mean but you would be too with a name like that. Also, Brie Larson in the film is 🙌
  7. Barf Troop
    Proving strength in numbers, and one of the only truly appropriate uses of the screamed word-phrase 🔊"SQUAAAAA!!!"
  8. St. Vincent
    I loved Annie's natural color curls but damn of she didn't up her everything game since going silver-blonde.
  9. Danielle Haim
    Not as flirty as Alana or as trad feminine as Este, but relentlessly exudes those ~*rocker woman vibes*~ in black jeans and immaculately fitted blouses.
  10. Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    On stage and off, full rave or garage punk gear, the best.
  11. Hon. Mention: FKA twigs
    More of an aspirational thing than anything. Untouchable.