The better list might be "what not to play" since all music is great but some general people pleasers:
  1. First name recognition female pop stars
  2. First name recognition male pop stars (besides Weird Al)
  3. British crooners
  4. Bands that have had more than one hit single
  5. Sprinkle in nostalgic hits sparsely but to great impact (ie don't stack "Torn" and "Kiss Me" back to back)
  6. Acoustic covers of Billboard hits
  7. Bon Iver
  8. Mary J Blige
  9. "Flawless" by Yonce : office brainstorms :: "Flawless" ft Nicki : office turn up (thanks Tumblr)
  10. Minimal EDM unless you want the office to suddenly explode in furry boots and SpiritHoods