Jobs I would have if time, education, money, reality, and actual talent didn't matter

  1. Comedy show writer
    Something like The Office or The Mindy Project maybe? With a diverse writing staff and the characters based partially on the writers personalities.
  2. One of the main characters in the comedy show that I also helped write
    See above. I already know of a funny quirk she'd have based on a friend of mine. It involves a lemon and the workplace.
  3. Regular on British comedy panel shows
    QI, Big Fat Quiz, and Cats Does Countdown would be my favorites ones.
  4. Head of a movie or television studio
    I'd get diverse shows and movies written by diverse writers and staring diverse actors made. We'd keep the white male tears in jars in the basement in case California had another drought.
  5. One of those people who solves crimes and mysteries all the time but isn't a cop, like on TV shows
    Famous woman scientist or psychiatrist solves crimes for the police or FBI. Sort of like Perception maybe?
  6. Research scientist working with non human primates
    Studying language and behavior because they are our primate relatives.
  7. Astronaut
    But I'm not into flying so maybe not an astronaut in my lifetime. Maybe in the future if Star Trek: The Next Generation was real. I'd be all over the Enterprise. I'd work in a research or linguistics department, if they had those.
  8. Someone who works for NASA or SpaceX or something like that
    Not sure what job, but just being there would be amazing.
  9. Expert on the Germanic languages
    I don't know why but I love Germanic languages.
  10. Songwriter
    Sure I barely can read music, can't properly play anything, and I suck at writing. But there's a lot of rich songwriters and musicians who can say the same right?
  11. Singer
    See above. Too bad my singing voice sucks and I get nervous in front of crowds.
  12. Musician
    Piano and guitar would be my instruments. Also see above.
  13. Billionaire who built business and residential complexes with the disabled in mind
    Disabled access shouldn't be seen as an add on to a building, it should just be a standard part of construction. The structures would be functional but also architectural. They would be built for disabled business owners, employees, customers, and residents. The structures could be easily modified for specific people and updated as technology or building codes changed so people wouldn't have to worry about the extra work and expense of adapting a business or home to their needs.