1. Locks on bridges
    Taxpayers have to pay to have them removed and/or repair structural damage because of all the added weight. It also makes it difficult to get close to the railings to see the views. Don't go to another city and vandalize their bridges.
  2. When people say vagina when they actually mean vulva
    I know it's kind of weird, but I hate this. A vagina is an internal body part. You can't see someone's vagina unless you're using a speculum or watching them give birth. Why don't people bother to learn the correct terms for women's body parts?
  3. Not closing cabinets or drawers all the way
    People who leave them just a little bit open because they can't be bothered to close them all the way.
  4. People who drive BMW's
    Do you have to drive either really slow or super fast? Are assholes the only ones allowed to buy them? I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  5. "Not all men"
    It's a given that a generalization doesn't apply to everyone. They only say this to interrupt and derail. Just shut it.
  6. The word "panties"
    I hate this word. It just sounds gross. Just say underwear.
  7. Asking me if I'm in a bad mood
    I wasn't until you asked and pulled me out of my happy little introverted world.