1. I'm now older than the parents on Charles In Charge and other shows I watched as a kid
    But I don't have a marriage, kids, and nice house. They look like proper adults and I still feel like I'm playing pretend grown up.
  2. I got excited about fixing my garbage disposal myself
    I actually watched an Ask This Old House video to learn how and then bought a tool. This is not even a remotely exciting or cool thing to do. This is not something younger people get excited about right?
  3. Nagging thoughts about having or not having kids
    Sailing through the first 33 or so years without caring about having kids and then worrying about it as you get older because women can't have kids forever like men can. So unfair!
  4. Still not having money when people always said you become more financially secure in your 30's
    This was a lie.
  5. The music I grew up with is on the oldies station
    The 80's are the oldies?! But that was just yesterday wasn't it? How did that happen so fast?
  6. Ma'am
    Today I am a ma'am? The fuck I am!