or reasons why a lot of people think I'm weird
  1. Thanksgiving
    The holiday is a lie, the food is gross, and I don't like forced socializing.
  2. Onions of any kind
    They're just gross. Onion salt is acceptable as a seasoning if it's not noticeable.
  3. Peppers and chilis of any kind
    They just taste like burning.
  4. Coffee
    Most people put tons of crap in their coffee because it's gross. I just don't get it. Tea please!
  5. Soup
    It may be childish, but most of it looks and smells like throw up to me.
  6. Beer
    Most of it sucks.
  7. Football (American)
    It just seems so pointless and boring.
  8. Phone calls
    I don't use my phone for that and will always avoid answering them.
  9. Pictures
    I'm a pro at dodging the camera.
  10. Mayonnaise, ranch, and mustard
    Gross and always will be.
  11. Dinner parties
    Obviously I'm picky and gatherings centered on me eating in front of others is not a good time.
  12. Mashed potatoes
    Whipped potatoes. I don't get it.
  13. Tons of socializing
    Most people are extroverts. I'm not one of those people.
  14. Religion
    Most people are religious in some way. I'm not one of those people.