1. We found a dirty bra in the stuffed animal section
    Nobody knows how it got there or how we didn't see it get placed there. The section was at the front of the store where you walked in and where the customer service desk was.
  2. Someone took a poop in the Hot Wheels aisle
    Our aisles were like a grid so you could look down one and see everything to the back of the store. How did someone manage to pull down their pants/underwear and do that without anyone seeing?
  3. We found two men having sex in the bathroom
    It's obviously a store for kids. A child could have walked in at any time.
  4. A cat crawled under the delivery truck and died
    We couldn't reach it so it basically just decayed under there for months. Poor kitty.
  5. Termites in the video game and electronics booth
    I worked back there regularly and we had to knock down their long tubes hanging from the ceiling. Pretty gross.
  6. Two of the temporary workers hired for seasonal night crew had sex in a storeroom
    A small number of people worked overnight and there was only one boss to keep an eye on them. They did it while the boss was on lunch break. I was that boss. Later I heard that money changed hands. So sex work happened in my store. Santa knew who was naughty that year.