Things that happened when I worked at Toys R Us Pt. 2

  1. A man came in at 9:30 a.m. and asked me where our alcohol aisle was
    When I told him it was a toy store he asked again where the alcohol aisle was. I said it was a store for children. He said "So you don't sell alcohol here?". No sir we don't. I sent him next door to wait for the liquor store to open.
  2. I accidentally kicked my male best friend and coworker in the crotch while he was dressed as Geoffrey the Giraffe
    Turns out Geoffrey's big belly had no padding in it. I brought that giraffe to his knees and spent months apologizing for it. We're still friends!
  3. Charles Barkley got mad at me/my coworkers on Christmas Eve because we wouldn't keep the store open for him
    He had come in earlier to shop and left. He came back to buy more and got upset that we wanted to go home. To be fair I think he was buying for charity reasons, but we had all worked over 12 hours and wanted to have time with our families.
  4. Celebrities like Alice Cooper, the singer from Jimmy Eat World, other musicians, various athletes, and local news people came in
    We were the store closest to downtown and the only centrally located store in the city. Famous people would just stop in randomly because they lived there or their tour buses would go through that part of town.
  5. A man who was locally famous for dressing up and living as a baby would regularly come in to shop
    He was related to the man who founded Popular Mechanics and inherited enough to live that way full time. You can read about him here:
  6. I was the first woman in our region to work in and run the storerooms (according to our district manager)
    When other stores found out, other women started working back there too. My favorite part was when I took out huge items for men. I waited to see which ones would allow me to take it out for them and which ones wouldn't. The secure men would let 5'1" and 107lbs me take out their bike or playhouse for them. The insecure ones would refuse and then struggle all the way out the door with it.