1. Our misogynist manager
    This guy named Bill was hired to be a manager. He removed me from my video game/storeroom duties because he thought women belonged on registers and customer service. He hired two young boys to do what I did as one person. He would stare at them constantly and attempt to flirt with both of them. He was later caught in the store after hours, allegedly with a man. Once he was fired I got my regular duties back and his pretty boys had to work the registers instead!
  2. One of my seasonal night crew workers was a drug addict
    She was on meth if I remember. The nights she was high she worked nonstop and got a ton done. When she was down she didn't. She disappeared for a few days because her dealer was in town. I honestly think she took the job to be locked in a safe place at night where she could be high and not be contacted by anyone bad. She was a good worker actually. Seasonal workers usually really need the job and a lot of them have difficult situations. Be kind and patient with them.
  3. I had to explain to my coworker that sunlight doesn't actually contain vitamin D
    He genuinely believed it did. He was shocked when I told him it was a reaction to UVB light.
  4. One of our regulars would come in with only a shirt and underwear on
    For some reason it wasn't really an issue and they usually came in later at night anyway.
  5. I was screamed at by two grown men over a Ginger Spice doll in front of the whole store
    It was around Christmas and her doll was always sold out. We didn't have any left and when I told them it was sold out they got angry. I can't remember all the names they called me but everyone heard and my manager threatened to call the police on them. She kicked them out of the store and let me take a long break.
  6. A woman sent her small child through the theft detectors with a diaper bag full of stolen goods
    Her daughter was really small, probably around 2. She sent her through and when the detectors went off she tried to act like her daughter put them in there. It was really sad. I don't think they called the police on her.